DJ Facade

Have your DJ dress up with our different facades. We have light up designs and also wrap the facade in custom colors to match your rooms decor. Light up booths can be one solid color or change to the mood of the party!

Light Up Backdrop

Light up back drops are great to really dress up your DJ or band area, and tie in the complete Glow look.


Have all you lighting match the clean look of the dj booth. Open aluminum trussing is a thing of the past. Columns can be wrapped to have them glow or can be wrapped in custom colors to match your room decor.

Glow Center Pieces

Put All your center pieces on our LED glow bricks and have an amazing ambiance effect

Glow Tables

Glow tables are great if you want to highlight your cake, gift, or place card table

Light Up Bars

Light up bars are the hottest new item we have to offer.